The traditional Art of Hijama: Therapeutic Cupping in Unani Medicine

Introduction to Hijama and Cupping

Hijama, generally known as cupping therapy, is undoubtedly an ancient therapeutic exercise that has been useful for 1000s of a long time throughout a variety of cultures. It entails positioning cups within the pores and skin to generate suction, which is thought to mobilize blood flow and encourage therapeutic. Hijama is deeply rooted in standard Unani drugs, an historic program of therapeutic that originated in Greece and later flourished while in the Islamic world. This text explores the principles, tactics, and great things about Hijama, focusing on its therapeutic programs and its importance in Unani drugs.

Principles of Hijama and Unani Medicine

Unani medication relies over the balance on the 4 humors: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. According to Unani practitioners, sickness arises from an imbalance of those humors, and restoring this harmony is essential to health. Hijama plays a vital part in Unani therapy by eliminating "undesirable blood" and restoring your body's purely natural equilibrium.

Types of Cupping in Hijama

Dry Cupping: Entails putting cups within the skin to create a vacuum without having generating any incisions. This process will help in improving blood circulation and relieving muscle tension.

Wet Cupping (Hijama): Entails creating tiny incisions within the skin prior to applying the cups. This system is accustomed to draw out stagnant blood, toxins, along with other impurities from the body.

Fire Cupping: Takes advantage of warmth to generate suction. A flame is briefly placed In the cup to heat the air prior to putting it within the pores and skin.

Hijama Points and Techniques

Hijama therapy will involve precise factors on the human body wherever the cups are placed. These details are decided on depending on the ailment being dealt with and are sometimes located alongside meridians, similar to acupuncture details. Widespread hijama details incorporate:

Al-Kahil (in between the shoulders): Normally utilized for typical detoxification and respiratory concerns.
Al-Akhda’ain (the jugular veins on possibly side with the neck): Used for head aches, superior blood pressure, and detoxification.
Yafookh (the crown of The top): Useful for neurological and psychological situations.
Hajara (the lessen back): Effective for kidney and back soreness.
Procedure of Hijama

Preparation: The skin is cleaned and sterilized. The practitioner selects the suitable details for cupping according to the individual's ailment.

Software of Cups: Cups are placed on the skin to produce suction. In dry cupping, This can be the remaining step, whereas in moist cupping, it truly is accompanied by smaller incisions.

Incisions (Soaked Cupping): Small, superficial incisions are made around the skin to allow the extraction of blood and impurities.

Second Suction: The cups are reapplied to draw out the blood with the incisions. This stage is believed to remove toxins and boost circulation.

Completion and Aftercare: The cups are taken out, and the world is cleaned and bandaged. The individual is recommended to rest and stay away from challenging pursuits.

Therapeutic Advantages of Hijama

Hijama therapy is thought to offer a range of health and fitness Rewards, which includes:

Detoxification: Assists in removing toxins and stagnant blood, advertising overall detoxification.
Agony Aid: Powerful in lowering Persistent pain, together with back again discomfort, migraines, and arthritis.
Enhanced Circulation: Improves blood flow and oxygenation to tissues, aiding in faster therapeutic and recovery.
Strain Reduction: Alleviates pressure and anxiousness by endorsing leisure and decreasing muscle mass stress.
Immune Boosting: Stimulates the immune method and increases its efficiency in preventing off infections and disorders.
Hijama in Unani Medicine

In Unani medication, hijama is seen as a vital therapeutic practice for keeping well being and dealing with various ailments. It is frequently coupled with other Unani treatment options which include herbal treatments, dietary changes, and Way of living modifications to attain holistic therapeutic.

Fashionable Relevance and Methods

When hijama has historic origins, it proceeds being practiced widely right now, particularly in Center Jap and Islamic countries. Modern day practitioners adhere to rigorous hygiene and protection standards, producing the therapy far more obtainable and appropriate in present-day Health care configurations.


Hijama, or cupping therapy, is a time-honored practice with deep roots in Unani medicine. Its holistic approach to well being and healing, coupled with its diverse therapeutic Advantages, makes it a useful Device in equally classic and present day medication. No matter if employed for detoxification, suffering reduction, or All round wellness, hijama remains a testomony into the Hijama enduring legacy of historic healing methods.


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