The traditional Art of Hijama: Therapeutic Cupping in Unani Medicine

Introduction to Hijama and Cupping

Hijama, also called cupping therapy, is definitely an historic healing observe that has been employed for 1000s of many years across various cultures. It will involve putting cups to the pores and skin to produce suction, which is considered to mobilize blood flow and advertise healing. Hijama is deeply rooted in common Unani drugs, an historic process of therapeutic that originated in Greece and afterwards flourished within the Islamic planet. This article explores the principles, strategies, and benefits of Hijama, focusing on its therapeutic purposes and its importance in Unani medication.

Ideas of Hijama and Unani Medicine

Unani drugs relies to the harmony with the four humors: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. In line with Unani practitioners, disease occurs from an imbalance of those humors, and restoring this stability is key to health and fitness. Hijama performs a vital role in Unani therapy by taking away "undesirable blood" and restoring the body's pure equilibrium.

Different types of Cupping in Hijama

Dry Cupping: Will involve putting cups around the pores and skin to produce a vacuum with no making any incisions. This method allows in enhancing blood circulation and relieving muscle stress.

Damp Cupping (Hijama): Will involve creating smaller incisions to the pores and skin just before implementing the cups. This technique is used to draw out stagnant blood, toxins, together with other impurities from the human body.

Fireplace Cupping: Uses heat to make suction. A flame is briefly placed inside the cup to warmth the air right before positioning it over the pores and skin.

Hijama Factors and Tactics

Hijama therapy includes precise details on your body the place the cups are placed. These details are preferred dependant on the ailment remaining addressed and are often Found alongside meridians, much like acupuncture points. Popular hijama factors contain:

Al-Kahil (concerning the shoulders): Normally useful for common detoxification and respiratory concerns.
Al-Akhda’ain (the jugular veins on possibly facet of the neck): Utilized for head aches, high blood pressure, and detoxification.
Yafookh (the crown of The top): Useful for neurological and psychological situations.
Hajara (the decreased again): Effective for kidney and back soreness.
Course of action of Hijama

Preparing: The pores and skin is cleaned and sterilized. The practitioner selects the suitable factors for cupping dependant on the patient's problem.

Application of Cups: Cups are placed on the pores and skin to develop suction. In dry cupping, this is the last action, Whilst in soaked cupping, it's followed by modest incisions.

Incisions (Damp Cupping): Compact, superficial incisions are created around the skin to allow the extraction of blood and impurities.

Second Suction: The cups are reapplied to attract out the blood through the incisions. This stage is believed to remove toxins and boost circulation.

Completion and Aftercare: The cups are taken out, and the world is cleaned and bandaged. The individual is suggested to relaxation and stay clear of strenuous things to do.

Therapeutic Advantages of Hijama

Hijama therapy is believed to provide A selection of overall health Advantages, including:

Detoxification: Allows in taking away toxins and stagnant blood, marketing overall detoxification.
Suffering Relief: Productive in cutting down Persistent suffering, which includes back again pain, migraines, and arthritis.
Improved Circulation: Enhances blood stream and oxygenation to tissues, aiding in faster healing and recovery.
Anxiety Reduction: Alleviates strain and anxiety by selling leisure and lessening muscle mass pressure.
Immune Boosting: Stimulates the immune procedure and increases its performance in preventing off cupping infections and conditions.
Hijama in Unani Drugs

In Unani medicine, hijama is noticed as a crucial therapeutic exercise for preserving health and managing several ailments. It is often combined with other Unani solutions like herbal cures, dietary changes, and Way of living modifications to attain holistic healing.

Fashionable Relevance and Methods

Even though hijama has historical origins, it carries on being practiced greatly these days, especially in Middle Eastern and Islamic countries. Modern day practitioners adhere to stringent hygiene and safety requirements, creating the therapy much more obtainable and satisfactory in modern Health care options.


Hijama, or cupping therapy, can be a time-honored apply with deep roots in Unani medicine. Its holistic approach to wellness and healing, coupled with its numerous therapeutic Gains, causes it to be a beneficial Software in both equally standard and modern medication. No matter if used for detoxification, agony aid, or General wellness, hijama stays a testomony towards the enduring legacy of historical therapeutic practices.


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